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At Our Space we offer educational performances based on personal stories and challenges with audience interaction.  They reflect on true tales and take you through the journey of each of our special friends.  Our goal is to educate our audience in the understanding that they are in a safe space to embrace each others differences, and to open up and acknowledge who they are without any repercussion. These struggles are real and our purpose is to show the many ways we can help.  We encourage our audience to listen, laugh, learn, love and most importantly love themselves.

Welcome to Our Space Performance 1

Welcome to OURSPACE is an introduction to mental health and learning disabilities. The purpose of this show is to educate developing minds in understanding and interacting with peers who struggle. In a safe, open environment, this show also encourages to embrace differences and accept oneself.  


30 mins

Grade jk to grade 2
150 students per show.


Puppets in this show: Auddy, Able (ADHD), Phobie, Lex Dyssia, and Lipsy.


Topics include: ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Speech Impediments and Phobias.

Friends of Our Space Performance 2

This show is all about breaking down stereotypes. Introducing a few new characters, and welcoming back some familiar faces. Friends of OURSPACE was created to help young minds recognize and further their knowledge concerning the many ways mental health and disabilities can present itself. While starting a safe and open conversation, we address stigmas all while reminding ourselves about the importance of self worth.


60 mins

Grade 3 to grade 5
150 students per show.


Puppets in this show: Auddy

 Anne Ziety, Able (ADHD), Ash, Donny Syn, Lex Dyssia and Ocee D.


Topics include: ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Dyslexia, Aspergers, OCD and Down Syndrome.

Growing up with Our Space Performance 3

Generated to start a conversation about mental health and disabilities, this show talks about the importance of communication and understanding other perspectives. Designed to help students learn about acceptance and tolerance within themselves and for each other, Growing up with OURSPACE, deals with various scenarios that can present themselves in real life. This show features new and old characters who find learning opportunities in everyday situations, including the power of forgiveness, problem solving and being selfless.


90 mins

grades 6 to 8

150 students per show


Puppets in this show: Ash, Dee Pression, Anne Ziety, Able (ADHD) Bear Polar, Nara, Phobie, Donny, Billy, Amiya, Mike and Ocee D.


Topics include: Asperger's, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Bipolar, Narcolepsy, Phobias, eating disorders, Down Syndrome, Bullying and OCD.

Our Space Performance

High school show 

 Live performance of short stories involving Our Space puppets, address important issues that deal with personal challenges with added humor. Following the show, there will be a question and answer period  with some of the  Our Space puppets.


60 mins

Grade 9 to12
150 students per show - 200 max.

Puppets in this show: Paul Z, Anne Ziety, Billy Lemic, Skitz, Dee Pression, Tara Etse, Strauss, Kondria Hype, Abby Use, and Mike Onshints.

Topics include: Cerebral Palsy, Anxiety, Bulimia, Schizophrenia, Depression, Turrets, Stress, Hypochondriac, Abuse and Consciousness.  

Our Space Girl Power!

All about empowering young women, OURSPACE GirlPower is for girls of all ages. Designed to help build self-confidence in our youth, the show talks about personal image, bullying, independence and inclusiveness giving our audience an opportunity to expand their knowledge of what it means to be a girl! With open conversation and strong female characters, this show helps build understanding and respect within ourselves and for each other.


40 mins

Grades 1 to 8
150 students per show - 200 max.


Puppets in this show:  Anne Ziety, Dee Pression, Amyia Bullie, Edna, and Abby Use.


Topics include:  Anxiety, Depression, Bullying, Eating disorders and Abuse.   


In this workshop, students will have hands-on experience in making their own customized, professional monster style puppet.  This workshop will need 5-6 hours total for completion. There will be an additional fee per student to cover all materials needed.



Puppet Making Workshop 1

During this workshop, students will have hands-on experience to build their own customized, professional puppet based off of someone who has inspired them and will learn and be taught all the secrets and techniques. This workshop will need 14 hours total for completion. There will be an additional fee per student to cover all materials needed.



Puppet Making Workshop 2

"Steven Botelho's workshop is FANTASTIC!!"


"His teaching strategies and step by step instructions allowed my students the confidence to take on an intricate task of building, sewing and customizing a puppet from start to finish.  His rapport with the students helped in reinforcing the growth mindset strategy in the classroom.

The creativity and attention to detail opened the students eyes to greater possibilities". 

Mr. C. Cornwall

Saint Oscar Romero CSS

Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board 

2495 Credit Valley Road, Mississauga ON.

L5M 4G8

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