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Steven Botelho created Our Space to help bring awareness and more acceptance around mental health issues and personal disabilities. After realizing it was time to tell his own story about his struggles with mental health, his goal is to showcase everybody's unique individuality, disability or not, but embrace them and eliminate the fear behind what we don't understand about these issues.
Our Space is a place to have fun, be creative, share our thoughts and most importantly, be yourself.  Let’s explore our imaginations, try our best, learn from each other and talk about whatever it is that is on our minds. So let’s all be different! Remember, Our Space  is a safe space.

Steven Botelho

"Tell your own story"

Steven Botelho grew up near Toronto ON and studied art all his life. He graduated from Sheridan College as an illustrator, and has been recognized from his work in all areas. He has illustrated numerous children's books, his love for chalk pastel brought him endless work as a wildlife artist, and has created puppets for stage shows and theater productions, and now recently started his own called Our Space. 

Steven is also a stage performer and Director, and has been involved with musical theater for the past 12 years. Having received many awards and nominations for his stage work, He shares his knowledge and experiences with his dramatic arts students in hopes they can grow up and fulfill their passions as well.  

Loving all areas of art, Steven has come to understand his talent on many levels by pushing himself to achieve his dreams, and working towards his future goals.  His main dream one day is to open his own theater company and teach children everything he knows, with the hopes that these students can learn to do what they love, and that they can grow up to become themselves.  Steven wants to share his talent and knowledge with the community and children, so that everyone can see how fun and amazing art in its many levels can be. 

Following in the footsteps of his idol Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets and sesame street, Steven is thrilled to finally share his story with the world.  

To quote Steven, "What is it that you're meant to do? Tell your own story"

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