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A touring and televised show exploring the world of Mental Health, featuring beloved characters who are just like you and me. 

Our Space is a safe space.

Since 2015
You be who you're meant to be, that is our philosophy!

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"I can not say enough about how wonderful this presentation was. I am thrilled with the response of my students and some of their classmates. This was an engaging play with beautiful puppets. Some of the comments from my students brought tears to my eyes. I am blessed to do the job I do with the wonderful "special" kids I have. We are all unique and the "our space" show illustrated that in a beautiful, fun and engaging way. Thank you so much for coming out!!"

Natasha Buchanan

Loughborough Public School, Sydenham ON.

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Who said fit in? Stand out amongst the crowd!

We want to give a special thank you to Addisyn and Avery for being so brave and sharing their stories with us. Your tears were heartwarming. This is why we do what we do. Our Space is a safe space!

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Learning's our greatest tool , so love yourself that is our rule!
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